Reactions between Si melt and various ceramics

Che Yu Lin, Kun Lin Lin*, Chien-Cheng Lin


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    Reactions between different kinds of ceramics and silicon were studied to evaluate ceramics as candidates for their use in the process of silicon-crystal growth. Three types of ceramic plates, Al2O3, ZrO2 and quartz (SiO2), were put into contact with a silicon wafer via annealing at 1450 °C for 30 min under an Ar atmosphere. Defects appeared at the Si-ceramics interface. Among these, a crack and a dislocation pile up were found at the Si-SiO2 dissolution couple. In addition, two intermetallic compounds, Y2Si2O7 and Zr-Si, produced by the diffusion of Y, O and Zr from the ZrO2 into the Si, were found at the Si-ZrO2 dissolution couple. At the interface of the Si-Al2O3 dissolution couple, no intermetallic compounds and few defects were found. The oxygen concentration and electrical resistivity near the interface were high and gradually decreased away from the interface for all Si-ceramics dissolution couples.

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    期刊Processing and Application of Ceramics
    出版狀態Published - 1 一月 2019


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