Rail profile synthesis with special reference to G1 continuity

Ming Hung Chien*, Ye Ee Wu, Kuen Laing Liao, Wei Hua Chieng


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Generally, standards for rail profiles are in the form of rail section drawings, this renders them inapplicable for use in the mathematical approaches used to calculate wheel/rail contact conditions. This article details a mechanical drawing method for the description of numerous rail profiles and provides a rail profile equation. Many types of methods to draw connected circular arcs are proposed, with special reference to the G1 continuity curve. The characteristic values for segments of the rail profile are calculated using this analysis approach and high-accuracy (six decimal places) values are obtained. Therefore, they can be used in the simulation of the rail/wheel interaction to avoid surface discontinuities and thus provide a higher solution convergence rate. The proposed method based on the mechanical drawing analysis approach is applicable to general rail profile design.


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