Quantum dots based full-color display on micro-light-emitting-diode technology

Chih Hao Lin, Chun Fu Lee, Chien-Chung Lin, Chen Hsien Chu, Chin Wei Sher, Zhao Jun Liu, Hao Chung Kuo*


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In this study, we would like to demonstrate a quantum-dot (QD)- based full-color emission red–green–blue (RGB) micro-light-emitting-diode (micro-LED) array with the reduced optical cross-talk effect by a photoresist mold method. The UV micro-LED array is used as an efficient excitation source for the QDs. The aerosol jet technique provides a narrow linewidth on the micrometer scale for a precise jet of QDs on the micro-LEDs. In order to reduce the optical cross-talk effect, a simple lithography method and photoresist are used to fabricate the mold, which consists of a window for QD jetting and a blocking wall for cross-talk reduction. The cross-talk effect of the well-confined QDs in the window is confirmed by a fluorescence microscope, which shows clear independence QD pixels. A distributed Bragg reflector is covered on the micro-LED array and the QDs’ jetted mold to further increase the reuse of UV light. The enhanced light emission of the QDs is 5%, 32%, and 23% for blue, green, and red QDs, respectively.

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期刊Digest of Technical Papers - SID International Symposium
出版狀態Published - 2018
事件International Conference on Display Technology, ICDT 2018 - Guangzhou, China
持續時間: 9 4月 201812 4月 2018


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