Pursuing high quality phase-only liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) devices

Huang-Ming Chen*, Jhou Pu Yang, Hao Ting Yen, Zheng Ning Hsu, Yuge Huang, Shin Tson Wu


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Fine pixel size and high-resolution liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) backplanes have been developed by various companies and research groups since 1973. The development of LCoS is not only beneficial for full high definition displays but also to spatial light modulation. The high-quality and well-calibrated panels can project computer generated hologram (CGH) designs faithfully for phase-only holography, which can be widely utilized in 2D/3D holographic video projectors and components for optical telecommunications. As a result, we start by summarizing the current status of high-resolution panels, followed by addressing issues related to the driving frequency (i.e., liquid crystal response time and hardware interface). LCoS panel qualities were evaluated based on the following four characteristics: phase linearity control, phase precision, phase stability, and phase accuracy.

原文American English
期刊Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 21 11月 2018


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