Programmable redox state of the nickel ion chain in DNA

Hsueh Liang Chu, Shao Chien Chiu, Ching Feng Sung, Wellen Tseng, Yu Chuan Chang, Wen-Bin Jian*, Yu-Chang Chen, Chiun-Jye Yuan, Hsing Yuan Li, Frank X. Gu, Massimiliano Di Ventra, Chia-Ching Chang*


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DNA is a nanowire in nature which chelates Ni ions and forms a conducting chain in its base-pairs (Ni-DNA). Each Ni ion in Ni-DNA exhibits low (Ni 2+) or high (Ni3+) oxidation state and can be switched sequentially by applying bias voltage with different polarities and writing times. The ratio of low and high oxidation states of Ni ions in Ni-DNA represents a programmable multistate memory system with an added capacitive component, in which multistate information can be written, read, and erased. This study also indicates that the biomolecule-based self-organized nanostructure can be used as a template for nanodevice fabrication.

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期刊Nano Letters
出版狀態Published - 12 2月 2014


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