Prevalence of heated tobacco product use among adolescents in Taiwan

Li Chuan Chang, Yue Chune Lee, Chieh Hsu, Pei Ching Chen*


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Objective To determine the penetration of heated tobacco products (HTPs) into the youth market in Taiwan, with a particular focus on the correlation between IQOS use and the usage of other tobacco products. Methods Data from the 2018 Global Youth Tobacco Survey were used to assess previous experience with and current use (within 30 days prior to survey completion) of IQOS products by Taiwanese students aged 12–18 years. Independent variables included the usage patterns of conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The control variables included background information (gender, grade, monthly income/allowance, household educational level, smoking status at home and among close friends), access to free cigarettes, as well as exposure to cigarette advertisements and anti-tobacco courses. Logistic regression was used to identify tobacco usage patterns correlated with IQOS use. Results In 2018, 2.33% of Taiwan’s adolescents were currently using IQOS and 4.17% had tried IQOS. The use of conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes (individually and together) were associated with an elevated risk of the ever use and current use of IQOS. Conclusion Despite the fact that HTP products are not sold legally in Taiwan, the use of IQOS products by young people is far from negligible. We recommend amending the “Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act” to include regulations pertaining to the sale and marketing of HTPs.

發行號12 December
出版狀態Published - 12月 2020


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