Prenatal examination utilization and its determinants for immigrant women in Taiwan: an exploratory study.

Li Chun Lee*, Teresa J.C. Yin, Shu Yu


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The purpose of this study was to understand and explore determinants of prenatal examination utilization by pregnant immigrant women in Taiwan. This cross-sectional study surveyed 101 pregnant Vietnamese women living in northern Taiwan. Data collection employed face-to-face interviews using a structured questionnaire. Main findings included that participants were relatively young (M +/- SD = 23.3 +/- 3.15 years old) and that length of residency in Taiwan averaged just over 1 year (M +/- SD = 13.3 +/- 9.48 months). Results also indicated the prenatal examination rate for this target group to be relatively high. First prenatal examinations were conducted, on average, 10.8 weeks into pregnancy (SD = 4.37 weeks). Most participants (83.2%) received prenatal examinations in accordance with the recommended schedule. Regional hospitals (35.6%) and local obstetrics clinics (35.6%) were the most frequently chosen locations for prenatal examinations followed by medical centers (15.8%) and district hospitals (12.9%). Participant spouses and/or mother-in-laws heavily influenced the decision regarding where to conduct prenatal examinations. The average general language ability score was 9.5 (SD = 2.05, range = 4-16), indicating a low to moderate average language ability. However, only 9.9% (n = 10) of participants utilized translation services offered by the hospital. In terms of factors influencing utilization of the prenatal examination service, this study identified significantly positive relationships between utilization and the variables life adaptation and perceived importance of the examination. In contrast, results showed loneliness to be negatively related to prenatal examination utilization. On the basis of these results, we suggest that more accessible information on the prenatal examination service needs to be provided to improve adaptation by immigrant women to life in Taiwan and that psychiatric support be offered to help reduce the feelings of depression felt by these women. The importance of prenatal examination to enable women to acquire more appropriate and comprehensive prenatal care and to improve prenatal care quality should be emphasized.

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期刊The journal of nursing research : JNR
出版狀態Published - 3月 2009


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