Polymorphism Control of Layered MoTe2 through Two-Dimensional Solid-Phase Crystallization

Jyun Hong Huang, Hao Hua Hsu, Ding Wang, Wei Ting Lin, Chun Cheng Cheng, Yao Jen Lee, Tuo-Hung Hou*


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Two-dimensional (2D) molybdenum ditelluride (MoTe2) exhibits an intriguing polymorphic nature, showing stable semiconducting 2H and metallic 1T′ phases at room temperature. Polymorphism in MoTe2 presents new opportunities in developing phase-change memory, high- performance transistors, and spintronic devices. However, it also poses challenges in synthesizing homogeneous MoTe2 with a precisely controlled phase. Recently, a new yet simple method using sputtering and 2D solid-phase crystallization (SPC) is proposed for synthesizing high-quality and large-area MoTe2. This study investigates the polymorphism control of MoTe2 synthesis using 2D SPC. The Te/Mo ratio and oxygen content in the as-sputtered films correlate strongly with the final phase and electrical properties of SPC MoTe2. Furthermore, the SPC thermal budget may be exploited for stabilizing a deterministic phase. The comprehensive experiments presented in this work demonstrate the versatile and precise controllability on the MoTe2 phase by using the simple 2D SPC technique.

期刊Scientific reports
出版狀態Published - 19 6月 2019


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