Photonic jets produced by dielectric micro cuboids

Cheng Yang Liu*


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The formation of photonic jets produced by dielectric micro cuboids is reported. The spatial electromagnetic field has been numerically analyzed on the basis of the finite-difference time-domain calculation. The characteristics of photonic jets, such as propagation length and location, can be drastically changed by controlling the cuboid dimensions. Visually three morphological types of photonic jets are introduced for classification. Combining key parameters of photonic jets, the quality criterion is used to describe the jet quality. The super resolution imaging of the dielectric micro cuboid can be expected from the long focal length and small beam waist. The simulation results show that it can be of interest for several potential applications, such as subdiffraction resolution optical microlenses, ultradirectional optical antennae, and nanolithography based on the micro cuboid.

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期刊Applied Optics
出版狀態Published - 10 10月 2015


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