Photoemission studies of ion bombardment effect on SnO 2 surfaces

C. S. Fang*, Fu-Ming Pan, W. S. Tse, S. R. Horng


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Polycrystalline SnO 2 surfaces have been studied by X-ray and He I photoelectron spectroscopies (XPS and UPS). To examine ion bombardment effects, SnO 2 surfaces were sputtered by Ar + , He + and H + ions, after they had been cleaned by heating at 1300 K for 5 h. Surface stoichiometry was determined by the O(1s)/Sn(3d 5 2 ) XPS peak ratio. UPS probes directly the density of occupied valence bands. Instead of a minimum in the O/Sn ratio for sputtering energies on SnO 2 (110) surfaces [7] we observed that the preferential sputtering effect in favour of oxygen increases with sputtering energy and ion mass. Electronic properties such as Sn 2+ defect states, O(2p)-Sn(5p) hybridized electrons, O(2p) lone pair orbitals, work function changes and the bending of the valence band edge toward the Fermi level were demonstrated to have a strong correlation with oxygen loss under ion bombardment.

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期刊Surface Science
出版狀態Published - 1 4月 1989


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