Performance Improvement of Packet Classification by Using Lookahead Caching

Pi Chung Wang*, Chia Tai Chan, Shuo Cheng Hu, Chun Liang Lee


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Rectangle search is a well-known packet classification scheme which is based on multiple hash accesses for different filter length. It shows good scalability with respect to the number of filters; however, the performance is not fast enough to fulfill the high-speed requirement of packet classification. In this paper, we propose a lookahead caching which can significantly improve the performance of hash-based algorithm. The basic idea is to filter out the un-matched probing case by using dual-hash architecture. The experimental results indicate that the proposed scheme can improve the performance by the factor of two for the 2-dimension (source prefix, destination prefix) filter database.

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期刊IEICE Transactions on Communications
出版狀態Published - 2月 2004


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