Performance evaluation for a transportation system in stochastic case

Yi-Kuei Lin*


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In a single-commodity multistate flow network, the arc capacity is stochastic and thus the system capacity (i.e. the maximum flow from the source to the sink) is not a fixed number. This paper constructs a multicommodity multistate flow network with weighted capacity allocation to model a transportation system. Each arc with cost attribute has several possible capacities. The capacity weight, the consumed amount of arc capacity by per commodity, varies with the arcs and types of commodity. We define the system capacity as a demand vector d if the system fulfills at most d. The addressed problem in this work is to measure the service quality of a transportation system. We propose a performance index, the probability that the upper bound of the system capacity equals a demand vector d subject to the budget constraint. A simple algorithm based on minimal cuts is presented to generate all (d,B)-MC that are the maximal capacity vectors meeting exactly the demand d under the budget B. The proposed performance index can be subsequently evaluated in terms of such (d,B)-MC.

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期刊Computers and Operations Research
出版狀態Published - 1 八月 2012


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