Patent Portfolio Deployment: Bridging the R&D, Patent and Product Markets

Yuhong Lan, Shang-Jyh Liu, Fong Hoi Yan Anna

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Patents are powerful weapons in a company’s legal arsenal, with both defensive and offensive capabilities. Patents protect a company’s innovation from potential infringers, while at the same time support the company’s efforts to exploit their innovation commercially in the global marketplace. This book explores the role of patents in today’s knowledge economy. We discuss how patents have become a valuable commodity and have a lucrative market of their own. However, to profit from patent monetization, this Patent market must be closely linked to the R&D market and the Product Market.This book offers a systematic approach to patent deployment to maximize profits beginning with data collection from patent, journal and business sources. Readers will be guided through analyses of the patent landscape to identify traps and opportunities for commercialization. This book argues that patents must be aggregated into portfolios to maximize their effectiveness and value in the modern economy. With strong patent portfolios, companies can be engaged in licensing and more sophisticated business models like forming patent alliances and collaborating with IP intermediaries. Finally, the book will provide an overview of the various ways of valuing patents and suggest some simplified approaches for management to value the company’s patents.
發行者World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd
出版狀態Published - 2月 2017


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