Parallelizing a level 3 BLAS library for LAN-connected workstations

Kuo Chan Huang*, Feng-Jian Wang, Pei Chi Wu


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LAN-connected workstations are a heterogeneous environment, where each workstation provides time-varying computing power, and thus dynamic load balancing mechanisms are necessary for parallel applications to run efficiently. Parallel basic linear algebra subprograms (BLAS) have recently shown promise as a means of taking advantage of parallel computing in solving scientific problems. Most existing parallel algorithms of BLAS are designed for conventional parallel computers; they do not take the particular characteristics of LAN-connected workstations into consideration. This paper presents a parallelizing method of Level 3 BLAS for LAN-connected workstations. The parallelizing method makes dynamic load balancing through column-blocking data distribution. The experiment results indicate that this dynamic load balancing mechanism really leads to a more efficient parallel level 3 BLAS for LAN-connected workstations.

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期刊Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
出版狀態Published - 10 10月 1996


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