Order parameter of MgB2: A fully gapped superconductor

H. D. Yang*, Jiunn-Yuan Lin, H. H. Li, F. H. Hsu, C. J. Liu, S. C. Li, R. C. Yu, C. Q. Jin


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We have measured the low-temperature specific heat C(T) for polycrystalline MgB 2 prepared by high pressure synthesis. C(T) below 10 K vanishes exponentially, which unambiguously indicates a fully opened superconducting energy gap. However, this gap is found to be too small to account for T c of MgB 2 . Together with the small specific heat jump ΔC/γ n T c = 1.09, scenarios such as anisotropic s-wave or multicomponent order parameter are called for. The magnetic field dependence of γ(H) is neither linear for a fully gapped s-wave superconductor nor H 1/2 for nodal order parameter. It seems that this intriguing behavior of γ(H) is associated with the intrinsic electronic properties other than flux pinning.

期刊Physical Review Letters
出版狀態Published - 15 10月 2001


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