Optical and holographic properties of Fe+Mn co-doped Bi4Ge3O12 crystals

Vera Marinova*, Dimitrina Petrova, Shiuan-Huei Lin, Ken-Yuh Hsu


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The effect of iron and manganese co-doping on the light-induced, dark- and photoconductivity and holographic properties of Bi4Ge3O12 crystals in comparison with Fe- and Mn-single doping is studied. Fe+Mn co-doped crystals exhibited strong photochromic effect at room temperature, the photochromic effect being fully reversible by thermal annealing. The observed light-induced absorption changes and non-linear dependence of photoconductivity on light intensities indicate deep and shallow photoactive levels contribution to the charge transport mechanism of Fe+Mn co-doped BGO. Holographic gratings are successfully recorded at different wavelengths and a possibility to extend the photorefractive sensitivity into the red spectral range is demonstrated. It is found furthermore that Fe+Mn-doping combination leads to faster response time during holographic recording, especially after a preliminary exposure with ultraviolet light, in comparison with Fe- and Mn-single doping.

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期刊Optics Communications
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2008


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