Opportunities and challenges for a maturing science of consciousness

Matthias Michel*, Diane Beck, Ned Block, Hal Blumenfeld, Richard Brown, David Carmel, Marisa Carrasco, Mazviita Chirimuuta, Marvin Chun, Axel Cleeremans, Stanislas Dehaene, Stephen M. Fleming, Chris Frith, Patrick Haggard, Biyu J. He, Cecilia Heyes, Melvyn A. Goodale, Liz Irvine, Mitsuo Kawato, Robert KentridgeJean Remi King, Robert T. Knight, Sid Kouider, Victor Lamme, Dominique Lamy, Hakwan Lau, Steven Laureys, Joseph LeDoux, Ying Tung Lin, Kayuet Liu, Stephen L. Macknik, Susana Martinez-Conde, George A. Mashour, Lucia Melloni, Lisa Miracchi, Myrto Mylopoulos, Lionel Naccache, Adrian M. Owen, Richard E. Passingham, Luiz Pessoa, Megan A.K. Peters, Dobromir Rahnev, Tony Ro, David Rosenthal, Yuka Sasaki, Claire Sergent, Guillermo Solovey, Nicholas D. Schiff, Anil Seth, Catherine Tallon-Baudry, Marco Tamietto, Frank Tong, Simon van Gaal, Alexandra Vlassova, Takeo Watanabe, Josh Weisberg, Karen Yan, Masatoshi Yoshida


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Scientific research on consciousness is critical to multiple scientific, clinical, and ethical issues. The growth of the field could also be beneficial to several areas including neurology and mental health research. To achieve this goal, we need to set funding priorities carefully and address problems such as job creation and potential media misrepresentation.

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期刊Nature Human Behaviour
出版狀態Published - 1 2月 2019


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