OEE improvement by pogo pin defect detection in wafer probing process

Woonyoung Yeo*, Yung-Chia Chang, Wayne Liu


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It is usually very difficult to find the causes of low yield performance in semiconductor manufacturing. In a typical wafer probing process, when the yield is low, engineers are required to examine both the equipment and the products to clarify if the low yield performance could be contributed by the testing conditions or the products. No matter which were the main cause, the time-consuming trouble-shooting process itself demanded resources thus the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is also damaged. This paper dealt with the trouble shooting data of wafer probing process. By examining the main factors that may affect the yield and equipment downtime in the wafer probing process, this study conducted various experiments to explore the relationship between yield and various wafer probing settings such as cleaning sheet size, probing overdrive, touch down time, and contact resistance. As a results, the optimal conditions of the main factors for improving yield and OEE are presented.

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期刊Microsystem Technologies
出版狀態Published - 8月 2021


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