Object movement in distributed object-oriented systems

Y. S. Lee*, Feng-Jian Wang, C. H. Chang


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In a distributed object-oriented system-a system containing more than one objectoriented system (OOS)-different OOSs may contain classes with different definitions, different definitions but the same name, or the same definition but different names. Moving an object between two OOSs includes locating a suitable class and creating an instance of the class with the value of the moved object in the destination system. This study discusses what is a suitable class for a moved object in the destination OOS and presents the algorithms for finding such a suitable class. It also discusses the activities of copying the value of the moved object into the instance of a located class in the destination site. A general object movement mechanism and its implementation for a domain specific model are then incorporated into a prototype of a distributed OOS, called DOOSPE.

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期刊Information sciences
出版狀態Published - 5月 1994


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