Network testing [Series Editorial]

Ying-Dar Lin*, Erica Johnson


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In the world of communications, testing is usually applied to verify an implementation, in terms of functionality, conformance, interoperability, performance, robustness, and stability. The implementation under test could be a black-box or white-box device, a piece of software, or scaled up to a system of hardware and software. This September issue received nine submissions in December 2013. We accepted three of them, with two from academia and one from a hybrid team of universities and a startup company. The other six submissions were not included, mainly due to not enough focus or interesting materials on test methodologies and results, or not enough technical contributions. Again, the due dates for this series are June 1 and December 1 each year, with publication in the March and September issues of the following year. The turn-around time of the review process is being kept within three months, usually with two rounds of review. We continue to solicit submissions with a focus on test methodologies and results in communications and networking systems.

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期刊IEEE Communications Magazine
出版狀態Published - 1 9月 2014


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