Network Risk: Assessing the Threat of Envelopment

Stephen Downing, Jin-Su Kang, Chiungli Hsu

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We propose a network risk perspective for use in ex ante strategy formulation and risk assessment. Addressing the need for risk metrics native to the management field, this study offers a model of network exposure and threat identification based upon the concept of a competition network, direct and indirect competitive ties that span industry boundaries. This approach is suited to investigate the drivers of competitive tie formation and dissolution over time. Empirical estimation of risk factors, as well as overall envelopment risk, is then possible by applying a dynamic variation on the exponential random graph model (ERGM). We briefly illustrate the applicability of the network risk approach with data including 17,176 companies with 27,376 competitive ties in the CrunchBase competition network’s largest connected component.
原文American English
出版狀態Published - 19 9月 2016
事件Strategic Management Society 36th Annual Conference - Berlin, Germany
持續時間: 17 9月 201620 9月 2016


ConferenceStrategic Management Society 36th Annual Conference


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