Nature-Inspired Surface Structures Design for Antimicrobial Applications

Meng Shiue Lee, Hussein Reda Hussein, Sheng Wen Chang, Chia Yu Chang, Yi Ying Lin, Yueh Chien, Yi Ping Yang, Lik Voon Kiew, Ching Yun Chen, Shih Hwa Chiou*, Chia Ching Chang*


研究成果: Review article同行評審

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Surface contamination by microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria may simultaneously aggravate the biofouling of surfaces and infection of wounds and promote cross-species transmission and the rapid evolution of microbes in emerging diseases. In addition, natural surface structures with unique anti-biofouling properties may be used as guide templates for the development of functional antimicrobial surfaces. Further, these structure-related antimicrobial surfaces can be categorized into microbicidal and anti-biofouling surfaces. This review introduces the recent advances in the development of microbicidal and anti-biofouling surfaces inspired by natural structures and discusses the related antimicrobial mechanisms, surface topography design, material application, manufacturing techniques, and antimicrobial efficiencies.

期刊International Journal Of Molecular Sciences
出版狀態Published - 1月 2023


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