Multiple-State Nonvolatile Memory Based on Ultrathin Indium Oxide Film via Liquid Metal Printing

Chang Hsun Huang, Chen Yuan Weng, Kuan Hung Chen, Yi Chou, Tian Li Wu, Yi Chia Chou*


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In this work, the ultrathin two-dimensional (2D) indium oxide (InOx) with a large area of more than 100 μm2 and a high degree of uniformity was automatically peeled off from indium by the liquid-metal printing technique. Raman and optical measurements revealed that 2D-InOx has a polycrystalline cubic structure. By altering the printing temperature which affects the crystallinity of 2D-InOx, the mechanism of the existence and disappearance of memristive characteristics was established. The tunable characteristics of the 2D-InOx memristor with reproducible one-order switching was manifest from the electrical measurements. Further adjustable multistate characteristics of the 2D-InOx memristor and its resistance switching mechanism were evaluated. A detailed examination of the memristive process demonstrated the Ca2+ mimic dynamic in 2D-InOx memristors as well as the fundamental principles underlying biological and artificial synapses. These surveys allow us to comprehend a 2D-InOx memristor using the liquid-metal printing technique and could be applied to future neuromorphic applications and in the field of revolutionary 2D material exploration.

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期刊ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
出版狀態Published - 31 5月 2023


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