Multiarea Brain Activation and Gait Deterioration During a Cognitive and Motor Dual Task in Individuals With Parkinson Disease

Yan Ci Liu, Yea Ru Yang, Nai Chen Yeh, Pei Hsin Ku, Chia Feng Lu, Ray Yau Wang*


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Background and Purpose: In people with Parkinson disease (PD), gait performance deteriorating during dual-task walking has been noted in previous studies. However, the effects of different types of dual tasks on gait performance and brain activation are still unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate cognitive and motor dual-task walking performance on multiarea brain activity in individuals with PD. Methods: Twenty-eight participants with PD were recruited and performed single walking (SW), walking while performing a cognitive task (WCT), and walking while performing a motor task (WMT) at their self-selected speed. Gait performance including walking speed, stride length, stride time, swing cycle, temporal and spatial variability, and dual-task cost (DTC) was recorded. Brain activation of the prefrontal cortex (PFC), premotor cortex (PMC), and supplementary motor areas (SMA) were measured using functional near-infrared spectroscopy during walking. Results: Walking performance deteriorated upon performing a secondary task, especially the cognitive task. Also, a higher and more sustained activation in the PMC and SMA during WCT, as compared with the WMT and SW, in the late phase of walking was found. During WMT, however, the SMA and PMC did not show increased activation compared with during SW. Moreover, gait performance was negatively correlated with PMC and SMA activity during different walking tasks. Discussion and Conclusions: Individuals with mild to moderate PD demonstrated gait deterioration during dual-task walking, especially during WCT. The SMA and PMC were further activated in individuals with PD when performing cognitive dual-task walking. Supplemental Digital Content is Available in the Text.

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期刊Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy
出版狀態Published - 1 10月 2022


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