MRI of papillary meningiomas in children

J. F. Lirng, D. S. Enterline, R. D. Tien*, H. Fuchs, H. S. Friedman, K. S. Ellingtons, R. P. McLendon


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We report two cases of papillary meningioma in children, The MRI appearance of this special type of meningioma is described for the first time, Both lesions were dura based and associated with cystic components. We review the literature pertaining to this type of meningioma and discuss the differential diagnosis of the MRI appearance. Because this is a malignant type of meningioma, early diagnosis and surgical intervention are important in the management of patients.

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期刊Pediatric Radiology
發行號SUPPL. 1
出版狀態Published - 1995


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