Motherhood journey through the eyes of immigrant women

Tzu I. Tsai*, I. Ju Chen, Song Lih Huang


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This paper explores mothering practices and experiences among Southeast Asian women residing in Taiwan. This qualitative study used a series of focus group sessions with photographic documentation to collect information. The transition to motherhood illustrates a dynamics process of gender and international relations and hierarchies. Maternal practices and challenges of these immigrant women were organized into five domains: "A mother is prized because of her son", "I am a mother, not a paid nanny", "Raising children, Taiwanese style", "Shared mothering", and "Immigrant mothering-More challenges, more promises". The experiences and adaptation of mothering are mediated by a family's socio-economic situation, the power dynamic within the family, and the support and acceptance received from the dominant society. These findings have important implications for healthcare services and immigration policies.

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期刊Women's Studies International Forum
出版狀態Published - 2011


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