Morphological and crystalline analysis of ZnO/ZnS nanostructures on porous silicon substrate

Yu Sheng Tsai, Chen Hao Hung, Wei Lun Chan, Shang Je Tsai, Yu Shan Lee, Wen Chang Huang, Yew Chung Sermon Wu, Hsiang Chen*


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ZnO/ZnS core-shell nanostructures were successfully synthesized on porous silicon substrates using hydrothermal methods. Multiple morphological and crystalline characterizations were performed on the structures. Results indicate that a uniformly grown ZnS shell with a thickness of around 10 nm could be observed on the cross-section of ZnO/ZnS core-shell structures. Furthermore, different crystalline phases and morphologies could be observed in selected area diffraction patterns between neighboring nanostructures. Material compositional analysis conducted by energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy indicate that varied nanostructure element compositions grew perpendicular to the substrate. ZnS/ZnO nanostructures on porous silicon substrates show promise for future optoelectronic and electronic device applications.

出版狀態Published - 8月 2020


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