Millimeter-Wave Two-Dimensional Beam-Switchable and Scalable Phased Antenna Array

Nai Chen Liu, Ching Cheng Tien, Chi Yang Chang, Hao Wei Ling, Chih Wei Chiu, Jenn Hwan Tarng

研究成果: Article同行評審


This paper proposes a millimeter-wave phased antenna array configuration, with 2D beam-switching functionality and scalability in terms of the array size and number of switchable beams. A wideband vertically installed planar transition (VIPT) works in conjunction with a flexible substrate to implement a two-stage Rotman lens and to simultaneously increase the scalability and integration space without requiring expensive RF cables and connectors. In addition, owing to the VIPT, the vertical board can be considered a replaceable component and can be replaced by different designs to satisfy different applications. Prototypes of 60 GHz phased antenna array are manufactured and measured. The measurement results confirm that the proposed array configuration can implement 32 different main beam directions with a coverage angle of 70° in terms of both elevation and azimuth. The proposed configuration is a feasible and promising approach for millimeter-wave radio applications.

頁(從 - 到)8997 - 9002
期刊IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
出版狀態Published - 12月 2021


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