Microstructure and properties of Cu-rich 123. Part I: Copper at the grain boundaries

Chun-Hsiung Lin, D. J. Li, L. D. Marks, J. A. Eades, W. Wolbach, J. M. Chabala, R. Levi-Setti

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A range of copper-rich bulk YBa2Cu3+xo7+y superconductors have been prepared by mixing excess copper oxide in the initial material and characterized for their magnetic properties and microstructure. The microstructure of the materials exhibits a high density of planar defects at the grain boundaries and a grain boundary amorphous phase. There is a small increase in the magnetic Jcat 4.5 K but a decrease compared to a conventional material at 77 K, and there is no correlation of the magnetic Jcwith the twin boundary density. The change in Jccan be understood if the grain boundary pinning is strong at 4.5 K but weak at 77 K. Data obtained using a very wide range of different microstructure characterization techniques clearly indicate the dangers of relying on only one technique to obtain a full picture of the material.

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期刊Journal of Materials Research
出版狀態Published - 3月 1992


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