Microplasma-Enabled Graphene Quantum Dot-Wrapped Gold Nanoparticles with Synergistic Enhancement for Broad Band Photodetection

Mukesh Kumar Thakur, Chih Yi Fang, Yung Ta Yang, Tirta Amerta Effendi, Pradip Kumar Roy, Ruei San Chen, Kostya Ken Ostrikov, Wei Hung Chiang*, Surojit Chattopadhyay*


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Plasmonic nanostructure/semiconductor nanohybrids offer many opportunities for emerging electronic and optoelectronic device applications because of their unique geometries in the nanometer scale and material properties. However, the development of a simple and scalable synthesis of plasmonic nanostructure/semiconductor nanohybrids is still lacking. Here, we report a direct synthesis of colloidal gold nanoparticle/graphene quantum dot (Au@GQD) nanohybrids under ambient conditions using microplasmas and their application as photoabsorbers for broad band photodetectors (PDs). Due to the unique AuNP core and graphene shell nanostructures in the synthesized Au@GQD nanohybrids, the plasmonic absorption of the AuNP core extends the usable spectral range of the photodetectors. It is demonstrated that the Au@GQD-based visible light photodetector simultaneously possesses an extraordinary photoresponsivity of ∼103 A/W, ultrahigh detectivity of 1013 Jones, and fast response time in the millisecond scale (65 ms rise time and 53 ms fall time). We suggest that the synergistic effect can be attributed to the strong fluorescence quenching in Au@GQD coupled with the two-dimensional graphene layer in the device. This work provides knowledge of tailoring the optical absorption in GQDs with plasmonic AuNPs and the corresponding photophysics for broad band response in PD-related devices.

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期刊ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
出版狀態Published - 24 6月 2020


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