Microdisplays: Mini-LED, Micro-OLED, and Micro-LED

Wen Chien Miao, Fu He Hsiao, Yujia Sheng, Tzu Yi Lee, Yu Heng Hong, Chun Wei Tsai, Hung Lung Chen, Zhaojun Liu, Chun Liang Lin, Ren Jei Chung, Zhi Ting Ye, Ray Hua Horng, Shih Chen Chen*, Hao Chung Kuo*, Jr Hau He*


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The field of next-generation microdisplays is flourishing. Relevant display technologies, such as mini-light emission diodes (mini-LEDs), micro-organic light emission diodes (micro-OLEDs), and micro-light emission diodes (micro-LEDs) are thus in the urgent stage of development. From this perspective, comprehensive and systematical analyzes are conducted for the aforesaid microdisplay configurations. A holistic view of microdisplay technologies is developed with the corresponding performance metrics, providing a path for miscellaneous scenarios. Among these scenarios, the applications in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), wearable devices, and head-up displays (HUD) are currently attracting considerable attention for deeper human-digital interactions. However, there is a multiplicity of obstacles and challenges hindering such development. Nevertheless, recent advances in microdisplay technologies hold tremendous promise for the paradigms of these applications, taking a leap forward for next-generation microdisplays. This review presents perspectives, relevant materials, and the technology landscape for such ongoing display technologies, offering guidance on the design of advanced microdisplays.

期刊Advanced Optical Materials
出版狀態Accepted/In press - 2023


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