Metasurface-Based Abrupt Autofocusing Beam for Biomedical Applications

Yuan Luo*, Ming Lun Tseng, Sunil Vyas, Hsin Yu Kuo, Cheng Hung Chu, Mu Ku Chen, Hsiang Chieh Lee, Wen Pin Chen, Vin Cent Su, Xu Shi, Hiroaki Misawa, Din Ping Tsai, Pan Chyr Yang


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Manipulation and precise delivery of optical energies in the regions of interest within specimens require different strategies. Hence, proper control of input beam parameters is a prerequisite. One of the prominent methods is metasurface optics, capable of crafting properties of light at nanoscales. Here, the generation of an abrupt autofocusing (AAF) beam by a nanophotonic metasurface for biomedical applications is demonstrated. Fluorescence guided laser microprofiling of mouse cardiac samples is experimentally investigated, using the AAF beam to deliver optical energy selectively to specific locations. In addition, photocoagulation of ex vivo swine skin tissue is performed and observed through optical coherence tomography. The results show great potentials for integrating metasurface optics to realize miniature laser surgery instruments for wide applications in biomedicine.

期刊Small Methods
出版狀態Accepted/In press - 2022


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