Metal doped calcium silicate biomaterial for skin tissue regeneration in vitro

K. Mohamed Abudhahir, R. Murugesan, R. Vijayashree, N. Selvamurugan, Tze Wen Chung, A. Moorthi*


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This study spots light on combined Wound healing process conjoining blood coagulation, inflammation reduction, proliferation and remodeling of the cells. The objective is to overcome the drawbacks of conventional clinically applied wound dressings such as poor rigidity, porosity, mechanical potency and bactericidal activity. As nosocomial infection is a very common condition at the wound site, bio-adhesive materials with intrinsic antibacterial properties are used in clinical applications. Considering the provenability of Wollastonite [Calcium silicate (CaSiO3)] to regenerate the soft tissues by inducing vascularization and regeneration of fibroblast cells And the antibacterial potentiality of zinc in clinical applications, the present study focuses on synthesis of Zn-Ws particles and evaluation of its antimicrobial and wound healing potentialities towards skin tissue engineering applications. The compositional characterization by EDAS and FT-IR spectral analysis have substantiated the presence of major elements and corresponding band stretching associated with the synthesized particles whereas the particles morphology by SEM images have shown the size of the Ws and Zn-Ws to be 370 nm and 530 nm respectively. From the in vitro studies, skin regenerative potential of Zn-Ws was determined on promoting fibroblast cell (NIH3T3) proliferation by providing better adhesiveness, biocompatibility and cytocompatibility. The antibacterial property of Zn-Ws evaluation by minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and zone of inhibition (ZOI) methods against clinical isolates of Gram +Ve and Gram –Ve bacterial strains have confirmed that the addition of Zn has diminished the bacterial growth and also helped in degrading the bacterial biofilms. Thus it is summed up that the process of wound healing is expected to occur with reduced risk of post-injury infections by the presence of zinc-doping on wollastonite for skin tissue application.

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期刊Journal of Biomaterials Applications
出版狀態Published - 7月 2021


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