Market takeoff in multigeneration innovation diffusion: An ecological approach

Ying-Chan Tang, Yao Hui Huang, Fen May Liou

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A newer generation of innovative product plays the role of carnivorous predator that feeds oil preys, which are often composed of former generations of innovations in the real world. The intriguing aspect of the evolutionary marketplace is that the nature of competitive Structure can change over time. In this relentlessly innovative market., the successful factor in Innovation launch depends on the precise market demand forecasting. The aim of this article is to develop a comprehensive multi-generation diffusion model to reveal different competitive interactions among Multiple generations of innovations. The data calibrated is top three telecommunication carriers in Japan each has introduced two generations of cellular phone services. Result shows the proposed multi-generation diffusion model fits very well oil the prediction of new Subscribers. It Illustrates dynamic relationship among generations of innovations which provides a better understanding of comparative intensity of competition for new products launches.
出版狀態Published - 8月 2008


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