Magnetophotoluminescence properties of Co-doped ZnO nanorods

C. Y. Lin, W. H. Wang, Chi-Shen Lee, Kien-Wen Sun, Y. W. Suen

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    We present the detailed experimental results of the magnetic and optical properties of cobalt doped ZnO nanorods, especially the temperature and magnetic field dependence of photoluminescence up to 14 T. The Raman measurements indicate that our Co-doped ZnO nanorods have the same lattice constant as crystalline bulk ZnO. Sharp luminescence peaks centered at around 670 nm were observed at low temperature and their intensity decreased with increasing magnetic field. The luminescence peaks were attributed to d-d transitions in the Ligand field from the doped Co ions. We also observed a diamagnetic shift at a temperature of 1.5 K when the magnetic field was scanned from 0 to 14 T. The exciton radius of the Co-doped ZnO nanorods was deduced from the magnetophotoluminescence results.

    期刊Applied Physics Letters
    出版狀態Published - 27 四月 2009


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