Low-temperature bonded Cu/In interconnect with high thermal stability for 3-D integration

Yu San Chien, Yan Pin Huang, Ruoh Ning Tzeng, Ming Shaw Shy, Teu Hua Lin, Kou Hua Chen, Chi Tsung Chiu, Ching Te Chuang, Wei Hwang, Jin-Chern Chiou, Ho Ming Tong, Kuan-Neng Chen

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Low-temperature (170°C) Cu/In wafer-level and chip-level bonding for good thermal budget has been successfully developed for 3-D integration applications. For the well-bonded interconnect, Cu2In and Cu 7In3 phases with high melting temperature of 388.3°C and 632.2°C can be formed, indicating high thermal stability. In addition, stable low specific contact resistance of bonded interfaces can be achieved with the values of approximately 0.3× 10-8 Ω-cm2. In addition to exceptional electrical characteristics, the results of electrical reliability assessments including current stressing, temperature cycling, and unbiased HAST show excellent stability of Cu/In bonds without obvious deterioration. The low-temperature Cu/In bonding technology presents good bond quality and electrical performance, and possesses a great potential for future applications of 3-D interconnects.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2014


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