Low temperature (850 °C) two-step N2O annealed thin gate oxides

Sung Lai Chao*, Len Lee Chung, Fu Lei Tan, Sheng Chao Tien, Hung Peng Chun, Ching Wang Han


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The electrical characteristics of thin gate dielectrics prepared by low temperature (850 °C) two-step N2O nitridation (LTN) process are presented. The gate oxides were grown by wet oxidation at 800 °C and then annealed in N2O at 850 °C. The oxide with N2O anneal, even for low temperature (850 °C), had nitrogen incorporation at oxide/silicon interface. The charge trapping phenomena and interface-state generation (ΔDitm) induced by constant current stressing were reduced and charge-to-breakdown (Qbd) under constant current stressing was increased. This LTN oxynitride was used as gate dielectric for N-channel MOSFET, whose hot-carrier immunity was shown improved and reverse short channel effect (RSCE) was suppressed.

頁(從 - 到)405-408
期刊Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings
出版狀態Published - 1996
事件Proceedings of the 1996 MRS Spring Symposium - San Francisco, CA, USA
持續時間: 8 4月 199611 4月 1996


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