Look-Up Table-Based Tire-Road Friction Coefficient Estimation of Each Driving Wheel

Chih Hsien Hsu, Sheng Ping Ni, Tesheng Hsiao*


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The tire-road friction coefficient conveys critical information for advanced vehicular active safety systems to significantly enhance driving safety and maneuverability. In this letter, a look-up table based method is proposed to estimate the tire-road friction coefficient of each driving wheel in real time. The table that represents the relations among the normalized longitudinal tire force, tire slip ratio and slip angle, and the tire-road friction coefficient is constructed off-line by collecting data from common onboard sensors under different driving scenarios. By applying the perspective projection procedure, only data from two different road surfaces are required, which facilitates table construction. Then the table is used for estimating the tire-road friction coefficient in real time and the results are post-processed by the Kalman filter to render smooth and reliable estimates. Simulations in the CarSim-Simulink environment are conducted to verify the satisfactory performance of the proposed estimation method for various driving scenarios and sudden changes of road conditions.

頁(從 - 到)2168-2173
期刊IEEE Control Systems Letters
出版狀態Published - 2022


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