Laser induced popcornlike conformational transition of nanodiamond as a nanoknife

Chia-Ching Chang*, Pei Hsin Chen, Hsueh Liang Chu, Tzu Cheng Lee, Ching Chung Chou, Jui-I Chao, Chien Ying Su, Jyh Shin Chen, Jin Sheng Tsai, Chuan Mei Tsai, Yen Peng Ho, Kien-Wen Sun, Chia Liang Cheng, Fu Rong Chen


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Nanodiamond (ND) is surrounded by layers of graphite on its surface. This unique structure feature creates unusual fluorescence spectra, which can be used as an indicator to monitor its surface modification. Meanwhile, the impurity, nitroso (CNO) inside the ND can be photolyzed by two-photon absorption, releasing NO to facilitate the formation of a s p3 diamond structure in the core of ND and transforming it into a s p2 graphite structure. Such a conformational transition enlarges the size of ND from 8 to 90 nm, resulting in a popcornlike structure. This transition reaction may be useful as nanoknives in biomedical application.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 21 7月 2008


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