JUNO Physics Prospects

The JUNO Collaboration

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JUNO is a multi-purpose underground neutrino observatory being constructed in the south of China. The main detector, with a 20 kton liquid scintillator target instrumented with about 18k 20” PMT and about 26k 3” PMT, will be strategically located 53 km from the Taishan and Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plants. Using reactor antineutrinos, JUNO will be able to measure several neutrino oscillation parameters with sub-percent precision as well as to determine the neutrino mass ordering to ∼3 σ over 6 years of operation. Furthermore, JUNO will have a broad physics program, ranging from studying neutrinos from other sources, such as solar and supernova neutrinos, to searching for BSM physics such as proton decay. This talk will give an overview on the JUNO’s broad physics potential.

期刊Proceedings of Science
出版狀態Published - 18 3月 2022
事件37th International Cosmic Ray Conference, ICRC 2021 - Virtual, Berlin, Germany
持續時間: 12 7月 202123 7月 2021


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