Interactive planning environment for water quality management

Jehng-Jung Kao*


研究成果: Conference article同行評審


A prototype interactive planning environment was developed using several mathematical techniques, a modeling language, graphic displays, and a user-friendly interface. The mathematical techniques include a steady-state water quality model, modeling-to-generate-alternatives (MGA), linear programming, and multiobjective programming. The modeling language was designed to relieve the analyst from the burden of formatting a general mathematical model for solution using existing mathematical programming packages. The graphic displays provide visual presentation of data for effective data manipulation and comparisons, and the user friendly interface was designed for engineers who are not necessarily computer experts.

頁(從 - 到)658-665
期刊National Conference on Environmental Engineering
出版狀態Published - 1990
事件Proceedings of the 1990 Specialty Conference - Arlington, VA, USA
持續時間: 8 7月 199011 7月 1990


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