Innovation Intermediary for Creating Regional Knowledge Capabilities in Knowledge Cluster

Chia-Han Yang, Chih-Jen Chen, Joseph Z. Shyu

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This research aims to analyze the role of innovation intermediaries in regional knowledge clusters. Particularly, a service approach of innovation strategy, namely, the intermediary platform, is used as an analytical model to explain the business operation of innovation intermediaries and their interaction with knowledge clusters in regional innovation system. In this model, the concepts of industrial environment and technological system were adopted to represent the building blocks of knowledge cluster. Accordingly, the correlation between the firm-level operational resources of innovation intermediaries and industrial environment as well as technological system, would be constructed to discuss the necessary support of sectoral innovation system for fostering the development of innovation intermediaries The result reveals that the regional innovation intermediaries could integrate their value activities and externalities effectively with the support of specific industrial environment and technological system, thereby facilitating the knowledge spillover and creating the regional knowledge capabilities in the sectoral innovation system.
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出版狀態Published - 2008


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