Inner engraving for the creation of a balanced LEGO sculpture

Jhen Yao Hong, Der Lor Way*, Zen-Chung Shih, Wen Kai Tai, Chin Chen Chang


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LEGO is a globally popular toy composed of colorful interlocking plastic bricks that can be assembled in many ways; however, this special feature makes designing a LEGO sculpture particularly challenging. Building a stable sculpture is not easy for a beginner; even an experienced user requires a good deal of time to build one. This paper provides a novel approach to creating a balanced LEGO sculpture for a 3D model in any pose, using centroid adjustment and inner engraving. First, the input 3D model is transformed into a voxel data structure. Next, the model’s centroid is adjusted to an appropriate position using inner engraving to ensure that the model stands stably. A model can stand stably without any struts when the center of mass is moved to the ideal position. Third, voxels are merged into layer-by-layer brick layout assembly instructions. Finally, users will be able to build a LEGO sculpture by following these instructions. The proposed method is demonstrated with a number of LEGO sculptures and the results of the physical experiments are presented.

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期刊Visual Computer
出版狀態Published - 1 5月 2016


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