Infrared Characterization of the Products of the Reaction between the Criegee Intermediate CH3CHOO and HCl

Zih Syuan Su, Yuan Pern Lee*


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The rapid reactions between Criegee intermediates and hydrogen halides play important roles in atmospheric chemistry, particularly in the polluted urban atmosphere. Employing a step-scan Fourier transform spectrometer, we recorded infrared absorption spectra of transient species and end products of the reaction CH3CHOO + HCl in a flowing mixture of CH3CHI2/HCl/O2/N2 irradiated at 308 nm. Bands at 1453.6, 1383.7, 1357.9, 1323.8, 1271.8, 1146.2, 1098.2, 1017.5, 931.5, and 847.0 cm-1 were observed and assigned to the anti-conformer of chloroethyl hydroperoxide (anti-CEHP or anti-CH3CHClOOH). In addition, absorption bands of H2O and acetyl chloride [CH3C(O)Cl, at 1819.1 cm-1] were observed; some of them were produced from the secondary reactions of CH3CHClO + O2 → CH3C(O)Cl + HO2 and OH + HCl → H2O + Cl, according to temporal profiles of H2O and CH3C(O)Cl. These secondary reactions are conceivable because the nascent formation of CH3CHClO + OH via decomposition of internally excited CEHP was predicted by theory, and both HCl and O2 are major species in the system. The nascent formation of CH3CHClO + OH appears to be more important than that of CH3C(O)Cl + H2O, consistent with theoretical predictions. By adding methanol to deplete some anti-CH3CHOO, we observed only anti-CEHP with a reduced proportion; this observation indicates that the conversion from syn-CEHP, expected to be produced from syn-CH3CHOO + HCl, to anti-CEHP is facile. We also estimated the overall rate coefficient of the reaction syn-/anti-CH3CHOO + HCl to be kHCl = (2.7 ± 1.0) × 10-10 cm3 molecule-1 s-1 at ∼70 Torr and 298 K; this rate coefficient is about six times the only literature value kHClsyn = (4.77 ± 0.95) × 10-11 cm3 molecule-1 s-1 reported for syn-CH3CHOO + HCl by Liu et al., indicating that anti-CH3CHOO reacts with HCl much more rapidly than syn-CH3CHOO.

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期刊Journal of Physical Chemistry A
出版狀態Published - 24 8月 2023


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