Influences of Contact Metals on the Performances of MoS2 Devices under Strains

Sian Hong Tseng, Hung Yi Chen, Wei Ting Hsu, Hsiang Chen Wang, Yuan Yao Li, Wen Hao Chang, Ming Pei Lu, Ming Yen Lu*


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The growth of large-area MoS2 films was achieved through atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition via vapor management in this study. The thickness of the MoS2 film changed upon varying the amount of vapor deposited on the substrate. Gratifyingly, large-area monolayer MoS2 was obtained under controlled conditions. Studies using transmission electron microscopy and second harmonic generation confirmed that the MoS2 films were composed of grains having sizes ranging from 40 to 70 μm. Flexible MoS2 device arrays were fabricated on a polyimide substrate; the device arrays displayed high spatial uniformity in their carrier transport properties. The contact metals affected the electrical characteristics of the MoS2 devices under strain; the sensitivity of devices featuring Schottky contacts was higher than that of those with ohmic contacts. Importantly, the device arrays exhibit sensitive and endurance performances under strain cycles of up to 105 times. These results suggest a means for the feasible growth of large-area single-layer MoS2 films, as well as the exploitation of flexible MoS2 device arrays in strain and human motion sensor applications.

期刊Journal of Physical Chemistry C
出版狀態Published - 14 11月 2019


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