Incremental data converters for sensor interfaces

Chia Hung Chen*, Gabor C. Temes


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Comprehensive resource discussing operating principles, available architectures, and design of micropower incremental analog-to-digital converters (IADCs) Incremental Data Converters for Sensor Interfaces describes the motivation for using incremental analog-to-digital converters (IADCs), including the theoretical foundations of their operation, the trade-offs in their use, and the practical issues in the circuit analysis and design of IADCs. The text covers core foundational knowledge such as the key algorithms used, circuits for single-stage and multi-stage IADCs, the design of the digital post filters for single- and multi-stage IADCs, IADC applications in measurement and instrumentation, medicine, imagers, and IoT, and comparison of delta-sigma (D-S) and incremental ADCs (IADCs) in terms of accuracy, latency, and multiplexed operation. To aid in reader comprehension and serve as an excellent classroom learning resource, Incremental Data Converters for Sensor Interfaces includes in-text problems and homework for graduate studies, along with helpful computer codes in MATLAB and Simulink. Additional topics covered in Incremental Data Converters for Sensor Interfaces include: • Sensors and sensor interfaces, mixed-mode (analog-digital) communication and consumer signal chains, and ADC algorithms • Quantization errors vs. quantization noise, and performance parameters and figures of merit, including resolution, linearity, accuracy, bandwidth, latency, and power dissipation • Nyquist-rate and oversampling data converters, noise-shaping ADCs, and basic architectures for IADCs, including single- and multi-stage designs and discrete vs. continuous-time operation • Loop filter design, D/A converter design, dynamic element matching and digital calibration, and quantizer design With comprehensive coverage of foundational knowledge surrounding the subject, various real-world examples, and helpful learning aids, Incremental Data Converters for Sensor Interfaces is an essential resource for graduate students in electronics programs, along with industrial circuit design professionals.

發行者John Wiley and Sons Inc.
出版狀態Published - 29 11月 2023


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