Inappropriate sexual behaviors in dementia: A preliminary report

Shih Jen Tsai, Jen Ping Hwang*, Cheng Hong Yang, King Ming Liu, Jiing Feng Lirng


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We investigated types of inappropriate sexual behavior (ISB) and patient characteristics in geriatric patients with dementia. The study group consisted of 133 consecutive geropsychiatric demented patients admitted to our ward. All patients underwent standardized diagnostic procedures for dementia, and ISB was assessed by a questionnaire completed by patients' caregivers and records during hospitalization. Patients were then subdivided on the basis of the presence or absence of ISB. Of the 133 demented patients, 20 (15.0%) were reported to demonstrate ISB at home or during hospitalization. Patients with ISB had various types of dementia. There were no significant differences in patients with and without ISB in regard to age, age of onset, gender, educational level, or Mini-Mental State Examination scores. ISB is not unusual in dementia patients and can be found in different types of dementia. Medical care providers need to be trained to discuss sexual issues with caregivers and offer ideas and training to help cope with patients with ISB.

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期刊Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders
出版狀態Published - 1月 1999


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