How does distant collaboration influence R&D quality?

Hsin Ning Su*


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Geographical distance plays a key role in R&D collaboration for technological development. The relationship between geographical collaboration distance and technological development has been a key topic in innovation studies. However, how geographical distance in relation to R&D collaboration influences technological development quality has not been explored holistically or systematically. Thus, this study used patent-based measures to explore how spatial distance between inventors influences R&D output quality by employing three technology-related proxies, i.e. originality, generality, and innovation. It is found that geographic distance between collaborators has a significant and positive effect on originality, generality, and innovation. This paper contributes to understanding the underlying impact on technological development and provides researchers with a more thorough understanding of the spatial distance trajectory of technological innovation.

期刊Technology Analysis and Strategic Management
出版狀態Published - 5月 2021


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