Home Healthcare Matching Service System Using the Internet of Things

Tzong Shyan Lin, Pei Yu Liu, Chun-Cheng Lin*


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Home healthcare services enable patients to live in an environment and amongst people that they are familiar with while receiving the healthcare that they need. To provide such an arrangement, readings from healthcare devices are collected and analyzed on a regular basis to determine healthcare services needed by patients, and then the services needed are matched with a limited number of healthcare professionals that are capable of providing the services needed. To meet these requirements, this work presents a home healthcare matching service system that enables patients to feel that the system is in charge of their healthcare while licensing requirements, legal requirements, and travel schedule restrictions of the healthcare professionals are met. Rather than just focusing on satisfying needs of healthcare providers or professionals, this system takes a balanced approach by satisfying preferences of the patients. In particular, patients are able to prioritize their specific preferences and the system will try to satisfy them as fully as possible rather than ignoring the patient preferences in its entirety when a feasible schedule for healthcare professionals cannot be scheduled while meeting patient preferences in its entirety.

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期刊Mobile Networks and Applications
出版狀態Published - 15 6月 2019


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