Highly efficient multiple-layer cds quantum dot sensitized iii-v solar cells

Chien-Chung Lin*, Hau Vei Han, Hsin Chu Chen, Kuo Ju Chen, Yu Lin Tsai, Wein Yi Lin, Hao-Chung Kuo, Pei-Chen Yu


研究成果: Review article同行評審

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In this review, the concept of utilization of solar spectrum in order to increase the solar cell efficiency is discussed. Among the three mechanisms, down-shifting effect is investigated in detail. Organic dye, rare-earth minerals and quantum dots are three most popular down-shift materials. While the enhancement of solar cell efficiency was not clearly observed in the past, the advances in quantum dot fabrication have brought strong response out of the hybrid platform of a quantum dot solar cell. A multiple layer structure, including PDMS as the isolation layer, is proposed and demonstrated. With the help of pulse spray system, precise control can be achieved and the optimized concentration can be found.

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期刊Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
出版狀態Published - 1 2月 2014


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